Low and High orbit and the space directly around the planet.
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[Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Dapper Dog »

The bridge of the Valorian was busy as Senator Saresh waited for the translation from hyperspace. So far everything had been pretty normal, and Hoth came into view as they came out hyperspace everything read nominal.

Then the Imperial warship fell out of hyperspace.

“Kriff,” she muttered, and then added, “I thought we were facing pirates!”

“Intelligence never mentioned Imperial support, battle stations!” the Captain said.

Another officer shouted, “Multiple contacts coming from the planet… on intercept with us and the Imperial warship! Hyperdrives offline we are sustaining damage!”

The Captain ordered, “Senator get to safety, I need squadrons alert, we need to screen and someone get me a line back to command!”

“Communications jammed, this does not make sense!” another officer replied. “Inbound contacts, sir we have reports of boarding parties on Engineering!”

“What! Senator, get to safety,” the Captain said grimly and then added, “All hands, prepare for boarders.”

“I have a beacon on the surface, Republic distress call…” another officer shouted.

The Captain knew his duty, “I can’t ask any of you to stay but we are being overwhelmed. We need to buy time for the mission.”

Another officer said calmly, “Sir, we stay by your side.”

There was momentary silence of solidarity and the Captain continued barking orders, this was now a delaying action. They just had to buy time, as much as they could. That was their mission now.

Event Type: Main
Participants: Republic and Unaligned
Timeslots: Early Morning

Description: The ship is being boarded and although the pirates are not better trained they are tenacious and backed by powerful droids that are proving difficult to deal with. Alarm klaxons are blaring and all hands if they can need to find their way to the emergency pods or to their ships and make for the surface while interceptors attempt a delaying action.

The ship is lost, but with luck the mission can continue on the ground. There is an emergency beacon to follow but also a blizzard in that region of Hoth, so any travel by vehicle or foot will be perilous and dangerous.

Rules: Getting to the surface can be done via life pods or via a personal ship.

Escape via Life Pod: The player can make one of two rolls they can try and use their knowledge of terrain and the minor directional thruster to navigate towards the beacon and land on target through the storm or brace for impact; they cannot do both.
  • Navigate: They can make an Astrogation or Survival check at Hard difficulty with two setback due to the blizzard conditions (3 purple dice and 2 black dice) and land at Echo Base in the next time slot, otherwise they land in the Icy Wastes and suffer 5 wounds, not soakable, and a critical injury for the hard landing.
  • Brace for Impact: Make an Average Resilience or Coordination check (2 purple dice), but they are lost in the Icy Wastes. If they fail the roll they suffer 5 wounds, can be soaked, and a Critical Injury if the damage is not soaked.
Escape via a Ship: The pilot, co-pilot can assist, makes a roll for the ship this is a Hard (3 purple dice) Piloting Space check with two setback due to the weather conditions. If the roll is failed the crew must make a Resilience or Coordination check at Hard (3 purple dice) difficulty or suffer 5 wounds, not soakable and a critical Injury. They are also lost in the Icy Wastes. If the roll succeeds, they land at Echo Base in the next time slot. The ship does not get through unscathed, it suffers 5 hull trauma damage and 5 system strain; if the roll is failed it also suffers a Critical Hit. Armor applies.

Rewards/Outcome: The players either land in the Icy Wastes or Echo Base.
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Dapper Dog »

Destiny Usage: Will flip to upgrade difficulty for each roll made.
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Aurilie Alde
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Aurilie Alde »

Pandamonium perhaps couldn't quite encapsulate completely what was happening around them. It was dastardly enough that they were causing a mess around Hoth but even more so that they were attacking a Republic convoy. Did their audacity know no bounds? No matter, they've made their impression clear. These were the sort of poor excuses of people that they were going to deal with. While it might have been valiant to stay behind and fight them off, this was recognized as a lost cause. They had to escape or this mission was going to be for nothing.

"Rhia!" She called out as they made their way to the Rimma Roundabout. The jacket she wore was tossed aside in quick order as she scrambled inside and tied her hair back in a ponytail. Once everyone was in, she ran into the cockpit to check on Riss and assumed that she was ready to fly them out!

Wait, it seemed that she was going to be the one flying them out! After getting into the co-pilot's seat, she realized that she was the actual pilot. She supposed she has the thranta experience, ships were more of Rhia's area of experience. However, the chaos of the evacuation didn't leave them room to work out the particulars and hash out the plan. In a pinch, she was going to be their best!

Once she got into the pilot seat, her veins felt like ice but not for the reason one might think. She found herself thinking of her late brother, Alten, and the unfortunate accident that was partly responsible for claiming his life. Was this how he experienced that moment? Her grip on the controls tensed and she found her muscles stiff as that dreadful chill coursed through her spine. When they blasted out of the hanger, her maneuvering left much to be desired as she weaved through fire and debris rocking in their direction. She was good at the moment but not enough, an unfortunate shot clipped them enough to send them spirally toward Hoth.

While she kept a calm demeanour, her heart pulsed rapidly in her chest. This was going badly. It seemed poetic that she would find her...no, she was not going to go gently into the night! She quickly snapped out of her reverie and called out to the crew through the intercom, "We've been hit! Brash for impact! Hold on!" as she quickly attempted to engage the Rimma's emergency protocol to ensure their sure landing. It wasn't going to be pretty but they were going to be alive, at least. So long if Aurilie had anything to do with it!

Day 1, Early Morning, Valiant Sacrifice: 1 Destiny used, 1 Boost from Riss, 1 Upgrade difficulty from DD: 1eP+3eA+1eB+2eD+1eC+1eS 1 failure, 6 advantage

Day 1, Early Morning, Valiant Sacrifice: 1 Destiny used, 1 Boost from Riss, 1 Upgrade difficulty from DD: 1eS 0 successes, 1 threat

Final Result: 1 failure, 5 advantage

Day 1, Early Morning, Valiant Sacrifice, Crash! with Coordination: 2 free Boost. 1 Upgrade difficulty from DD: 1eP+3eA+2eB+2eD+1eC 2 successes, 2 advantage, 1 Triumph

No damage or injuries! Cancel injuries for one member of the Rimma Roundabout too!
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Zeno Thul »

Zeno straps in with Lady Savagery in the sensor operator seat. He drops very smoothly from the ship and sees a good line to follow down planetside. He notices other ships and tries to guide them.

D1 EM, Valiant sacrifice, Piloting/Agility+Force vs hard+1 upgrade+2 setback: 1eP+3eA+3eF+1eC+2eD+2eS 3 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Light Side, 2 Dark Side

DS points become advantage, spend one ad to give the next character a boost, and 2 ad to give any player (the next player) a boost.
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Riss »

Moments before taking off Riss could have been heard saying the very line, "What's the worst that could happen, right? We're the heroes, nothing bad happens to the hero-"


Alarm claxons, Aurilie straining against the big beautiful machine keeping them all away from the vacuum of space and hurtling through the flames of a quickened planetside decent, "Okay- but nothing worse can happen ri-"


Rimma found herself landing hard amidst the ice and snow of this big beautiful (not actually beautiful, kriff this place) icy rock of death. banging herself up all along the way as their decent and the cockpit quickly finding itself elevated as her precious rear fell deeper into a crevasse than the rest of the ship like a little Rimma pocket in the snow. Inside the cockpit the sudden jolt of gravity sent both of the women tumbling, Aurilie catching herself a strong hand hold and keeping to her seat. Meanwhile Riss barely held on by the arm of her chair when she nearly fell full backwards against the hard metal bulwark behind them.

"See? Nothing.. too bad happe-" Riss slips from her hold and plummets, falling hard against the wall that is now a floor behind her. Hissing in pain as her hand races to check her bits, and finding only the smallest trace of blood from a bit of an open wound somewhere in the mess of her hair at the back.

"Okay, I'll shut up," she says wearily through a forced chuckle.


Day 1, EM | Escape with the Rimma Roundabout: (Aurilie Pilot, Riss Co), Coordination vs Hard, GM Upgrade: 1eP+2eA+1eC+2eD 0 successes, 2 advantage

Riss slips, and fails! Suffers 5 Wounds, 1 Critical. 2 Strain through noted means below.

Day 1, EM | Riss Crash, Failed Cordination Critical: 1d100 6

Minor Nick: Riss suffers 1 additional strain.


Day 1, EM | Rimma Crash Critical: 1d100 16

Jostled: All crew members suffer 1 strain and are disoriented for 1 round.
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Tethys Carrack »

"Come, come on," Tethys gestures a small cluster of civilian crew forward with a sweep of her sleeve. "They'll need you on the ground very soon. We're going to get you out of here now."

Of course, by 'we' she means 'you;' the escape pods are small, and the crew are going to have to navigate themselves down from orbit by twos and threes at most.

Tethys takes a split second to thank the Force (which, yes, does not work like that, she knows) for her snap decision to leave her new padawan behind when the refugee transport was reported missing instead of coming in on schedule. Glade is a capable young Jedi, but this is already looking like it would have been a hell of a first consular mission.

Without an apprentice to look out for, Tethys has just slightly more leisure to quickly check the homing configuration in the first two crew escape pods before swinging into her own and starting to strap in. A civilian nonprofit administrator piles in behind her as she runs through the launch checks. "Are... are we going to make it, master Jedi?" the nervous being asks rather faintly.

"Whatever happens, the Force is with us," Tethys says, which is not a definite answer at all. Nevertheless, she gives it with calm resonant in her low voice. "Still... strap in tightly."

The drop to the planet's icy surface is a rough one, and the battered pod may be good for nothing but scrap when Jedi and citizen scramble out of it in the freezing wind, but the Force is indeed with them. Tethys has set them down on target, just a short (though still bone-chilling) jog from the unknown structure housing the emergency beacon. Stumbling through the slashing, ice-laden winds, they make it to safety.


D1 EM Crash!--Escape Pod navigating, hard Astrogation, ++ setback, GM Destiny: 4eA+1eC+2eD+2eS 2 successes, 1 threat
D1 EM Crash!--Escape Pod navigating, forgotten boosts from Zeno x2: 2eB 1 success, 2 advantage

Net 3 successes, 1 advantage.

Advantage converts to +1 boost to the next someone!

Extra successes fluffed as helping some NPC crew maybe possibly land closer, who knows.
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Omandri Rist »

Getting things ready for their final descent Omandri was getting things in order on board the Whisper since he might be taking it out once they were planet side.

Suddenly there were alarms everywhere sound and flashing lights, he went down the ramp to see people scrambling around screaming about pirates. Part of him struggled with wanting to go fight them, a younger him might have. He did look around down the hangar where another ship was parked, he needed to get over there to make sure it got to space OK.

Just as he went to leave the ramp Blaster fire erupted toward his ship and he saw Droids advancing toward the Whisper. He looked down the hang back to the druids. Another near miss snapped him out of it.

"Kriff!" He cursed running up the ramp and sealing it. He got her off the hangar and out into space. Chaos. He did his best heading toward the big white ball that was their landing zone. He did his best to hone in on the emergency beacon. Got most of the way there too back a whiplash wind knocked him off course.

The last thing he remembered was a sickening, jarring sound of metal on ice and then blackness.

EM valiant sacrifice Piloting/Agility hard with 2 set backs GM destiny upgrade: 2eA+1eC+2eD+2eS 1 failure

Fail going down!

EM valiant sacrifice hard resilience player destiny upgrade: 2eP+2eA+3eD 0 successes

And orokos had it in for us 5 Wounds 5 Hull trauma

EM valiant sacrifice critical injury: 1d100 100
Injury crippled: one limb chosen by the gm is crippled until the critical is healed

......I'm so sorry for whatever I did

EM valiant sacrifice critical injury ship: 1d100 77

Power fluctuations: Pilot can voluntarily make the ship suffer strain until repaired
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Katarzyna Panteer »

Kat had gotten up early and was already in her armor in preparation for their imminent landing, as Riss was saying something as foolish as what's the worst that could happen, as if she was taunting the universe itself with those words. And the universe responded.

As Riss and Aurilie headed for the cockpick, she quickly cleared away the loose objects on the kitchen counter.


She quickly strapped herself in as the alarm claxons blared. Just in time to hold on as everything went out of control. She felt herself almost slip, dangerously so in a way that would've have injured her terribly... but knowing that the others might have to depend on her, it might her dig deeper with the Force, giving her just the last boost she needed to hold on.


It was cold. That was the first thing she noticed as they got their bearings. But she was whole, and would only be badly bruised instead of grievously injured. "Everyone alive...?"


D1 EM. Valiant Sacrifice. Coordination/Agility vs Hard (with GM upgrade). Enhance.: 2eA+2eF+1eC+2eD 4 threat, 3 Dark Side

Destiny to flip Dark to Light. 3 Strain (+1 Strain from the Ship's critical damage), 3 Conflict. 1 Success, 2 Threat (also Strain I assume).
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Baesal Zyn
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Baesal Zyn »

''Hold'' Baesal told R5 from the bay ''We must make sure everyone as a mean to escape''

Tremors rocked the ship as she could sense the explosions. She scanned the hanger and reached into the Force to see if no one else was in need.

Having her answer she nodded, who embarked was now the Moth's responsability

''Engage the engines, I am coming up to support you.''

The crystalline chiming of the engines rung in the air as she took her place beside her trusty droid

''Lift off!'' said R5 as the Moth took to the sky

The battle was chaotic, debris and fighting everywhere, but R5 ahd total control of the situation and the Star moth seemed to dance around the danger with singing thrusters.

''Great job R5'' she turned to the passengers ''We are getting to base''

Valiant Sacrifice, Escape Via Star Moth, R5-T8 at the helm, Baesal on assist for two boost, destiny used: 3eP+1eC+2eD+2eS+2eB 2 successes, 2 advantage
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Layne Hoshin
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Layne Hoshin »

She should have seen it coming of course. All that falling debris overhead in her dreams? Yeah. Still, she had hoped it wouldn't come to this. When the alarms rang, she made for the Sunset Dawn along with whoever needed a last minute ride. Most people seemed to have already gotten out on other ships or escape pods when she got back at the ship. Her crew had already prepped for launch; just waiting for her.

Moments later they blasted off and sped out the hangar, dramatic explosions happening in the background as the intrepid but ultimately useless pilot headed down to the surface, and straight into the blizzard conditions that raged there.

"We can't get through this m'am! Sensors took a hit, we have to find somewhere to set down!"

"Fine, try to find somewhere with cover and don't--"

The ship plowed through the top of a snow-peaked mountain that came out of nowhere.

"--blow us up!"

Moments later the ship landed in the valley beyond. Or well, *crashed* more like it. Layne found herself uninjured from the impact, but she was pretty sure the same couldn't be said for the ship...

NPC crew piloting, Unskilled Layne assisting for a boost die, DD destiny upgrade: 2eP+1eB+1eC+2eD+2eS 1 failure, 3 threat

Resilience (Enhance): 1eP+4eA+2eF+3eD 1 failure, 3 advantage, 1 Light Side, 1 Dark Side

(1 LS for +1 success, Destiny flipped to convert 1 DS to make the roll a success, 1 strain and 1 conflict gained, 1 advantage to heal strain?)
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Arsele Girard »

Arsele scrambled to get her ship started up; With everything hidden in her smuggling compartments and the thousands she'd spent on upgrades for this trip, she was NOT losing the Niche like this. Still, as she left the fighting behind her and entered the planet's atmosphere, she realized just how different this was; No landing beacons, no guide tower, whiteout conditions...

"Come on baby, hold together..."

And it DID hold together until the ship crashed into a mountain, at which point it no longer did. Still... the thick layer of snow and shallow angle at least meant the Niche didn't break apart like a spitball shot at a bodybuilder's abs. No, instead it skidded and skipped to a halt, skidding through some ice crystals covered in snow along the way.


Arsele was buckled in... but THAT didn't actually help much as her seat was ripped out from the floor with the force of the crash. The Alderaanian woman was bounced around her cockpit, the window to it shattering and an ice boulder crashing through the window to smack her leg...

As everything settled Arsele ended up upside down, still strapped to her seat, which lay with it's back against the ceiling of her cockpit. Soft, white snow pushed in through the broken cockpit window and the ship groaned as it settled on the soft stuff. And it was COLD. But that was the part that bothered her the least.

Day 1, EM, Valiant Sacrifice, Hard+upgrade piloting check w/ 2 setback: 1eP+3eA+1eC+2eD+2eS 1 failure, 2 advantage

Piloting check failed, using two advantage to add Boost to Coordination check.

Day 1, EM, Valiant Sacrifice, Hard+upgrade coordination check, Boost from Piloting advantage: 1eP+3eA+1eB+1eC+2eD 0 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Despair

Coordination check failed.

Day 1, EM, Valiant Sacrifice, critical injury roll: 1d100 80

Critical Injury Result = Overpowered; The Planet Hoth immediately gets an additional Attack against me.

Day 1, EM, Valiant Sacrifice, critical injury roll #2: 1d100+10 74

Niche Appeal? Crashed
Arsele Girard? 10 wounds, 2 critical injuries, leg broken
Stuff for next person? Image
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Rumun Gol »

As chaos happened all around the republic ship, one occupant didn't seem to be alarmed, at all. The tall alien walked calmly as the alarms, lights and sounds of the battle that was happening on board the ship

Nobody seemed to notice him, for some reason. The xenos just continued forward, and went on to one of the escape pods carrying some equipment and wearing a full enviro-suit, he jumped into one of the pods.

The alien didn't had much training with ships, in fact he had a record of crashing them, both intentional and not so much, so this was a gamble, especially in such a hostile planet as Hoth. But the force was strong in this one, and he blindly gave himself to it, letting it to decide his destiny with such difficult task.

And his faith was rewarded, as the force allowed him to safely guide the pod, towards the beacon, with minor inconveniences...


[OOC - Rolls]

D1 Event EM Crashing Ship! Escaping through pod! Navigate Astrogation, 1 Dif Upgrade, 1 Prof upgrade flipping: 2eA+1eP+2eD+1eC+2eS 2 successes, 1 threat

Upgrading 1 Difficulty and 1 Proficiency


2 Successes
1 Threat
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Cynella Alde
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Cynella Alde »

There were so, so, so many things that could go wrong here. In fact, she very much didn't like the idea of abandoning the ship to begin with. Orders were orders, though, and she couldn't expect to be a single person against whatever was happening.

When they did finally come crashing down, somehow Cynella's intricate knowledge of ship comforts led her to position herself in the safest position possible for a crash landing. That and maybe Aurilie had subconsciously landed in a way to help her not get too jostled. Regardless, when the time came to get up, she really didn't have any inkling that the landing had been so hard on their bodies. "No time to waste, darlings!"


Stealing the Rimma injury nullification... Everything's fine here!
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Nudimsu »

The battle came to a end and, for the most part, the Turtle crew managed to survive the encounter as they descended into the atmosphere. Everything was going well for them as they saw the planet's surface, when it became clear that they did not leave the attack fully unscathed. The ion blasts had finally done their thing and completely shut down the turtle for just one moment.

Unfortunately, it was a key moment of the descent, where their speed needed to be reduced. He completely overshot their landing and was coming in hot.

"Hacha! Give me back power!" He shouted on whatever comms he could find and looked over to Durasay and Lana. He was pro at this, however. This kind of landing wasn't the most ideal, but he could at least maneuver them to where they'd do the least amount of damage to the ship. He didn't break his focus and kept it cool, doing what he could so that the impact would not be fatal to them or his ship, but it was going to be a hard landing, regardless.

Valiant Sacrifice Piloting Roll (1b from assist, Ignoring 2 setbacks, Destiny Flipped): 4eP+1eB+3eD 2 failures, 6 advantage

[[Spending 2 advantages to boost, 4 for some fortunate placing of our crash landing]]

Valiant Sacrifice Coordination Roll: 2eP+2eA+2eD 5 successes, 1 threat, 1 Triumph

Valiant Sacrifice Coordination Roll (forgot the red one): 1eC 2 failures

[[3 suxx, 1 threat, 1 triumph]]
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Durasay Mixo
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Durasay Mixo »

"Everyone strap in!" Durasay's voice was distorted through the helmet, as he pulled back on the secondary control sticks, teying to assist Nudimsu. "Kriff, kriff, kriff, kriff!"

EM1 - Valiant Sacrifice - Oh no crashing! (Brawn 4, Resilience 0, Hard, Dapper Destiny Flip): 4eA+1eC+2eD 1 success, 1 advantage, 1 Despair

No injuries, No Crit to Durasay. Despair to Dapper
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Garth Thul
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Garth Thul »

Hot on his heels, if a few kilometers away, Garth was bringing the Sparrow in for landing at Echo Base.

His affinity with the Force helped him avoid an otherwise potentially catastrophic situation.

PROPER Valiant Escape piloting: 2eA+2eP+3eF+3eD 1 failure, 1 advantage, 2 Light Side, 2 Dark Side

Spend LS for successes.

2 damage, 5 SS after armor
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Hacha Tsuko »

"Are you kidding meee!" Hacha lands hard. He blinks at the reflection of his bruised face. "it's good they don't keep me for my good looks"

Turtle crash - Hard Coordination: 2eA+3eD 3 failures, 1 threat

Crit from crash: 1d100 52 Fearsome Wound, +1 Difficulty on Presence checks until end of encounter

Turtle Critical from the Crash: 1d100 54 One component does not work until next round
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

Post by Pipka »

At Durasay's command, Pipka strapped himself into a (for him) oversized crash seat. He said a prayer to the Big Green Fish and relaxed back into his seat. As the ship rumbled and rolled through the turbulence of reentry, he shifted and slid to roll with the jolts.

D1, EM, Valiant Sacrifice, Coordination, Hard w/ GM flip: 6eA+1eC+2eD 1 success, 3 advantage
1 Success 3 Advantages
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

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Nudimsu wrote:
Fri Aug 12, 2022 4:53 pm
"Hacha! Give me back power!" He shouted on whatever comms he could find and looked over to Durasay and Lana. He was pro at this, however. This kind of landing wasn't the most ideal, but he could at least maneuver them to where they'd do the least amount of damage to the ship. He didn't break his focus and kept it cool, doing what he could so that the impact would not be fatal to them or his ship, but it was going to be a hard landing, regardless.
Drascovina glides her craft in... she would like to think effortlessly, but she had to pull some Force shenanigans to make it... but no one else would know.

As the Turtle goes down, she opened a line to the ship and just offered her best ohohohohohohoho.


OOC: She breaks all the rules. Flip Destiny for two strain and two more successes from light pips.

Is this an Ohohohoho moment Drasco Piloting: 3eP+1eA+2eF+3eD+2eS+2eB 1 failure, 1 threat, 2 Light Side, 1 Dark Side
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

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"I'm a leave on the wind, watch me fly..." Zayne said as he jumped into the pilot seat.

The Peaceableness was jump started to life to get out the cargo bay and fly. His ship took a hit and three as Zayne piloting it down to the Echo Base.

[Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice - Pilot Check - 1 Pilot + 3 Agi + 3 Force + (3 dif + 1 upgrade): 1eP+2eA+3eF+2eD+1eC 3 successes, 2 threat, 1 Light Side, 2 Dark Side

[Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice - Pilot Check 2 setback: 2eS 2 failures

lightside turned to advantage
1 successes, 1 threat
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Re: [Day 1 - EM] Valiant Sacrifice

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Pirates, pirates everywhere and barely an escape pod in sight. Or at least not any that hadn't already launched. Shoving his gear into the pod he finally found Soren made his way in moments later. Time was short and he needed to get going after all.

Deciding against trying to navigate with the pod in this kind of weather, the mercanary instead decided to brace for impact. Best to get down save and worry about getting to teh base later.

Valiant Sacrifice, Brace for Impact. Coordination at Average, 1 destiny spent by gm for upgrade: 5eA+1eB+1eD+1eC 3 successes, 3 advantage
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